FDA announces salt reduction targets, Pizza Hut turning healthy

FDA announces salt reduction targets, Pizza Hut turning healthy

By Matt Sabas   

Five things to consider this week:

1.     The FDA proposed voluntary sodium reduction targets for the food industry Wednesday, concluding almost a decade of research into the benefits of salt reduction by the agency. The targets aim to reduce sodium in processed food by almost a third over the next decade.

2.     The global economic benefits of GM crops have reached $150 billion, according to a report published Tuesday by PG Economics. The study found that crop biotechnology has significantly reduced the environmental impact of agricultural practices, increased incomes for farmers in developing countries, and delivered higher yield gains by reducing pest damage in crops between 1996—2014.

 3.     Microbes may be the key to the next agricultural revolution, reports the Los Angeles Times. Experiments conducted by the University of California Cooperative Extension found that “[t]he microbes not only successfully out-competed others that are harmful to the plant, they also boosted plant growth.”

4.     General Mills has voluntarily recalled around 10 million pounds of flour, reports Bloomberg News. The recall comes after dozens of customers became infected with E. coli after using the company’s products over the last five months.

5.     Pizza Hut announced on Tuesday it will phase out use of “antibiotics important to human medicine from chicken for its pizzas” by March 2017.  The chain also pledged to remove artificial preservatives from cheese and BHA/BHT from all meats between 2016 and 2017.

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