House send North Korea sanctions bill to Obama’s desk

House send North Korea sanctions bill to Obama’s desk

Pyongyang, North Korea (Photo: Flickr/ stephan)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Talk Media News) – The House passed legislation onto the President’s desk Friday that would tighten sanctions imposed on North Korea following the continued development of its nuclear weapons program.

The measure passed 408 to 2, and comes days after the Senate passed the bill 96 to 0.

Less than a week ago North Korea launched a long-range rocket with a satellite attached into space, an action seen by many as an illegal test, under United Nations rule, of an intercontinental ballistic missile. The bill also follows a fourth known nuclear weapons test.

The White House has agreed that tougher sanctions are needed against the isolated nation.

This particular set of sanctions will target anyone involved with North Korea’s nuclear program, luxury goods, human rights abuses and money laundering.

The bill also authorizes $10 million annually over the course of five years to transmit radio broadcasts into North Korea and provide humanitarian assistance to fleeing refugees.

“These overwhelming votes reflect bipartisan frustration that the U.S.’s North Korea policy, a policy of ‘strategic patience’ that isn’t working,” House Foreign Affairs Chairman Ed Royce, the bill’s author, said Friday.

The bill passed out the House last month, but was refined to include the media and humanitarian stipulations.

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