Clinton Calls Internet ‘Nexus of Terrorism and Technology’

Clinton Calls Internet ‘Nexus of Terrorism and Technology’

By Luke Vargas   
Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Democratic front-runner says anti-IS coalition should focus on “depriving jihadists of virtual territory just as we work to deprive them of actual territory”

NEW YORK (Talk Media News) – The internet is helping to spread radical jihadism into the United States, Hillary Clinton warned Sunday, describing the web as a “nexus of terrorism and technology.”

“The threat from radical jihadism has metastasized and become more complex and challenging,’ the Democratic front-runner said at the Brookings Institution’s Saban Forum 2015. “We’re seeing the results of radicalism not just in far-off lands but right here at home, fueled by the Internet.”

While Clinton encouraged internet companies to shut down the websites and social media accounts used by jihadists, she avoided making any specific calls for surveillance or internet reform.

Recent attacks in Paris drew focus to the potential use of encryption services by terrorists to elude detection by government surveillance agencies.

Draft anti-terrorism legislation being considered by the French parliament proposes to block use of the anonymizing web router Tor and would force Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) companies to hand over encryption keys to the government.

While no evidence points to the Paris attackers using Tor to obscure their communication, documents produced by the Islamic State encourage fighters to use encrypted messaging services such as Apple iMessage.

In a speech last month, Clinton encouraged the American tech sector “not to view government as its adversary,” but she stopped short of calling for so-called “backdoor” access for government agencies into encrypted networks.

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