Schiff: FBI should not have turned over Clinton transcripts to House GOP...

Schiff: FBI should not have turned over Clinton transcripts to House GOP leaders


The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.) said Tuesday that the FBI should not have given documents related to their investigation of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's email practices to House Republican leaders.

WASHINGTON (Talk Media News) – Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.), The House Intelligence Committee’s ranking Democrat, Tuesday strongly criticized the FBI’s decision to give a significant portion of documents related to their investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s email practices to congressional Republican leaders.

“I can see little legitimate purpose to which Congress will put [this] material,” Schiff told USA Today. “Instead, as the now-discredited Benghazi Committee demonstrated, their contents will simply be leaked for political purposes.”

Schiff, who is a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton, also told USA Today that the GOP is engaging in an “abuse of the Congressional investigative process.”

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah.) issued a Congressional referral on July 7 for the transcripts of Clinton’s FBI interview, shortly after Bureau Director James Comey defended his decision before the committee not to recommend charges against the former Secretary of State.

Chaffetz requested the transcripts under the suspicion that Clinton may have lied to the FBI in light of Comey’s admission that the former Secretary of State had not been entirely truthful about her use of a private email server when testifying before the House Select Benghazi Committee in late-2015.

Following Comey’s decision to not recommend charges, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the Justice Department would accept the director’s recommendation and that the investigation into Clinton’s email practices was officially closed.

Lynch testified before the House Judiciary Committee shortly after making that announcement and defended her decision not to prosecute Clinton.

Lynch’s decision raised eyebrows in light of her private meeting on the tarmac of the Phoenix Airport with former President Bill Clinton less than a week before the FBI interviewed the former secretary.

Lynch later said the meeting was strictly social.

The FBI issued a statement Tuesday defending their decision to provide Congress with the requested documents:

“Consistent with our commitment to transparency with respect to the FBI’s investigation of former Secretary of State Clinton’s use of a personal email server, the FBI is providing certain relevant materials to appropriate congressional committees to assist them in their oversight responsibilities in this matter. The material contains classified and other sensitive information and is being provided with the expectation it will not be disseminated or disclosed without FBI concurrence.”

Clinton has been under increased scrutiny as of late due to the release of private emails obtained by conservative watchdog groups, which suggest Clinton may have used her political influence as Secretary of State in order to secure contributions for her family’s foundation.

Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.) said Wednesday that the American people should be privy to the contents of the FBI’s investigation.

“Anything that the FBI gives to Congress they should give to the public,” Kaine told NBC’s “Today” show.

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