Gary Johnson can’t name favorite foreign leader, cites ‘Aleppo moment’

Gary Johnson can’t name favorite foreign leader, cites ‘Aleppo moment’


WASHINGTON (Talk Media News) – Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson was unable to provide an answer when asked what living foreign leader that he admires Wednesday evening.

Johnson was asked the question by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews during a Libertarian town hall with his Vice Presidential pick Bill Weld.

The candidate initially responded the former President of Mexico, but did not provide a specific name.

Weld followed up by naming former Mexican President Vicente Fox, a prominent critic of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment,” Johnson said, a nod to a high-profile gaffe he had on the same network earlier this month when he asked what Aleppo, the city at the heart of the humanitarian crisis in Syria, was.

Johnson is trailing behind both Clinton and Trump, receiving 7.2 percent nationally according to an average of recent polls compiled by Real Clear Politics.

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