Rubio’s top spox urges voters to support Kasich in Ohio primary

Rubio’s top spox urges voters to support Kasich in Ohio primary

Sen. Marco Rubio's communications director Alex Conant / Photo Twitter @AlexConant

Sen. Marco Rubio’s top spokesman said Friday that the best way to beat Donald Trump in Ohio’s primary Tuesday is to vote for the states governor John Kasich.

Speaking on CNN Friday, Rubio’s communications director Alex Conant said “If you are a Republican primary voter in Ohio and you want to defeat Donald Trump, your best chance in Ohio is John Kasich.”

In a FOX News poll released Thursday, Kasich leads Trump by five points with 34 to 29 percent in Ohio, with Rubio coming in fourth with seven percent, Sen. Ted Cruz polled at 19 percent.

While Conant supported his boss’s rival in Ohio, the spokesman said that Rubio is still the best choice for Tuesday’s primary in Florida.

The most recent Florida poll has Trump beating Rubio in the Sunshine state by 19 points, 43 to 24 percent. Cruz grabs 21 percent of Floridians support with Kasich falling in fourth at 10 percent.

The last GOP debate before Tuesday’s primary election was held Thursday night in Miami, Florida.

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