Police: UCLA gunman had ‘kill list’, one found dead in Minnesota

Police: UCLA gunman had ‘kill list’, one found dead in Minnesota

By Nick Salazar   

Washington (Talk Media News) — The Los Angeles Police Department on Thursday said that a woman named on the UCLA shooter’s “kill list” was found dead at her home in Minnesota.

Authorities announced the discovery of the list after a home search of the gunman from Wednesday’s shooting on the campus of UCLA, a list that included the now deceased UCLA professor William Klug who was killed police said at the hands of gunman Mainak Sardar.

The list itself also included the name of an additional UCLA professor who was not involved in Wednesday’s events.

Police later determined Wednesday’s shooting to be a murder-suicide after Sadar fatally shot Klug in what was said to be a “dispute over intellectual property.”

Sadar, police say, shot Klug in his office before turning the gun on himself, where investigators found a note leading them to his residence in Minnesota.

The female victim has not yet been identified as police work to notify her family before making the information public.

Sadar is believed to be the only suspect involved in the Minnesota investigation, police said Wednesday afternoon.

Police are also asking for the public’s help in locating the grey 2003 Nissan Sentra the gunman used to travel from Minnesota to Los Angeles.

Wednesday’s events caused the cancellation of classes after a campus-wide lockdown that affected a student body of more than 40,000 students.

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