IG report: McCabe did not ‘fully comply’ with his recusal from Clinton...

IG report: McCabe did not ‘fully comply’ with his recusal from Clinton Foundation probe

Then-Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on May 11, 2017. He was accused of lying to FBI agents about media leaks regarding the agency’s 2016 investigation into the Clinton Foundation. He had denied lying to investigators. He was fired 10 months later.(U.S. Senate screengrab)

WASHINGTON – Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe did not fully comply with his recusal from the Bureau’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation, according to a Justice Department Inspector General report that was released on Thursday.

“We also found that McCabe did not fully comply with this recusal in a few instances related to the Clinton Foundation investigation,” the report states.

McCabe is accused of lying to investigators about media leaks regarding the 2016 investigation. In April, the IG sent federal prosecutors a criminal referral.

President Donald Trump fired McCabe in March after an IG report recommended his dismissal.

Earlier this week, McCabe sued the administration seeking documents related to his dismissal.

McCabe has said he did not lie to investigators.

Trump has questioned McCabe’s ability to be impartial in the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe. McCabe’s wife, Jill, is a former Virginia State Senate candidate and a political ally of Clinton.

McCabe’s attorney, Daniel Snyder, said the report proves his client did not make politically based decisions.

“The report demonstrates that any and all claims that political bias or political influence affected Mr. McCabe’s actions, including charges from the President and other critics, are baseless,” Synder said in a statement.

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