NAACP poll: Trump’s policies will influence voter turnout

By Ellen Ratner   
"“There are broad disagreements between Democrats — both black and white," NAACP President Derrick Johnson said Tuesday. (File photo/

LOS ANGELES —  A day after the 53rd anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, the NAACP said a poll of 61 of the nation’s most competitive congressional districts found that President Donald Trump’s policies will influence voter turnout.

“There is a massive voting purging taking place across the country,” Derrick Johnson, president of the NAACP said during a press conference call Tuesday. “There are broad disagreements between Democrats — both black and white.”
Ray Block, an associate professor of political science at University of Kentucky, said the polls indicate that African-Americans are “out-performing all groups” when it comes to who is showing up to vote.
The poll, which surveyed people of color, found that 20 percent of  those who responded plan to vote for Republicans and 80 percent of African-Americans intend to cast their vote for a Democrat.
The poll also found that 80 percent of African-Americans, as opposed to 50 percent of white voters, disapprove of the Trump’s performance.
The poll also found that 89 percent of black women feel disrespected by the president.
The poll also said 4 out of 45 African-Americans beleive Trump has set back race relations in the country.
The survey, conducted July 5-14, polled 2,045 people. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.1 percentage points for the overall survey.
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