Foreign company tied to Mueller probe files new Supreme Court request

Foreign company tied to Mueller probe files new Supreme Court request

By Geoff West   
U.S. Supreme Court (File photo by Danielle Wilde)

WASHINGTON — The public may soon have new insight into a secret grand jury case involving a foreign-owned company and its ties to the special counsel’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Last month, a federal appeals court ruled the unknown company must comply with a grand jury subpoena to testify as part of Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation or face daily fines. The company has now appealed to the Supreme Court in its efforts to fight the subpoena and avoid testifying.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court made public a new filing by the company that requests permission to file sealed documents with the court but also a redacted copy for public record, which could provide a window into the mysterious company.

Little is known so far about the unnamed company, which is owned by “Country A,” according to court documents.

The company previously asked the Supreme Court to halt the fines while it appealed the lower court’s ruling. In December, Chief Justice John Roberts granted the request while the high court considers the broader question over whether the company can be compelled to testify.

In appeals court, the company argued it is immune from subpoenas under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. The court rejected that argument, however.

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