Trump will ignore lawmakers’ border report if it nixes wall

Trump will ignore lawmakers’ border report if it nixes wall

President Donald Trump meets with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and other Congressional Democratic leaders ahead of the looming shutdown on Dec. 11, 2018. (White House pool video)

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said he is prepared to ignore a bicameral, bipartisan committee report on border security if lawmakers fail to include funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“If they don’t have a wall, I don’t even want to waste my time reading what they have, because it’s a waste of time,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office Thursday.

Trump’s remarks come as members huddle to discuss border security measures ahead of Feb. 15, the day a stopgap measure to fund the government ends.

The president has previously said that if $5.7 billion for a wall is not allocated, he will either declare a national emergency or allow the government to partially shut down again.

Trump expressed doubt that the committee, which met for the first time on Wednesday, will emerge with a deal that he would accept.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated as much earlier in the day, stating during a press conference that the committee’s Democrats will float a series of security enhancements, but not wall funds.

“There’s not going to be any wall money in the legislation,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said.

Trump said that Pelosi was “playing games” and that anything without a commitment to a wall simply won’t work.

Directing his ire at the speaker, Trump also said that Pelosi would be “begging” for a wall if a fence near Tijuana is removed.

“She will say ‘Mr. President, please, please give us a wall,’ ” Trump said.

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