House approves non-binding resolution to make Mueller report public

House approves non-binding resolution to make Mueller report public

Special Counsel Robert Mueller (FBI photo)

WASHINGTON – The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives Thursday approved a non-binding resolution to urge Attorney General William Barr to make Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s final report on potential collusion between members of Trump campaign and Russian officials available to the public.

The resolution passed 420-0.

Four Republicans voted present. They include Reps. Justin Amash (Mich.), Thomas Massie (Ky.), Matt Gaetz (Fla.) and Paul Gosar (Ariz.).

Barr assumed office last month. During his confirmation hearing in December Barr came under fire due to a Wall Street Journal report related to an unsolicited memo he sent the Department of Justice last summer. In the memo Barr questioned the merits of Special Mueller investigation.

Barr downplayed the significance of the memo. He told the Senate Judiciary Committee that it offered informal guidance and that such practice is common among former high-ranking DoJ officials.

Barr attempted to allay concerns about Mueller’s continuity in office, telling the committee: “I believe it is vitally important that the Special Counsel be allowed to complete his investigation.”

Barr told the committee he believes Mueller’s report should be made public but suggested some portions may be kept secret. The report is expected to soon be released.

President Trump has adamantly denied allegations of collusion and has repeatedly called Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt.”

Barr has said he disagrees with Trump’s characterization of the probe.

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