Trump claims he’s OK with Mueller report being public

Trump claims he’s OK with Mueller report being public

President Donald Trump waves to reporters before boarding Air Force One to head to Ohio. He will visit the recently closed GM plant in Youngstown and attend a joint fundraiser in Canton. (Pool photo: Salem Radio Networks)

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he would be fine with Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report being made public.

“I don’t mind,” Trump told reporters while leaving the White House for a day-trip to Ohio. “Frankly, I told the House, if you want, let them [the public] see it.”

Trump noted that he did not know when the report would be released.

The president’s comments come the week after he tweeted that there should be no report at all, claiming that the probe into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia was founded on false pretenses.

Trump maintained Wednesday that the investigation was biased against him, arguing that Mueller is conflicted since he was initially under consideration as FBI director and, allegedly, had a dispute with one of Trump’s properties.

Attorney General William Barr, who took the reins at the Justice Department last month, will make the final call over what is released.

In an effort to exert pressure on the administration, the House voted 420-0 last week on a symbolic resolution calling for the report to be made public.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a Trump ally, blocked a similar measure in the upper chamber.

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