Marine back from Ethiopia tests positive from COVID-19 at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

Marine back from Ethiopia tests positive from COVID-19 at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

A Soldier takes the temperature of a commuter at U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys (Camp Humphreys), South Korea, Feb. 27, 2020. COVID-19 screening procedures are being conducted at all U.S. Army installations in South Korea. (U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Kang, Min-jin)

WASHINGTON — A Marine stationed at a base near Washington, D.C., has been diagnosed with coronavirus — puzzling the Pentagon as to how he contracted the disease.

The Marine stationed at Fort Belvoir tested positive Saturday after returning from overseas on official business, according to a Department of Defense statement. He had been in Ethiopia.

There are no reported cases of COVID-19, the official name for coronavirus, in Ethiopia, according to the World Health Organization. Ethiopia is home to one of Africa’s busiest international airline hubs and has stepped up its preparedness to contain a potential outbreak of COVID-19, according to news reports.

Ethiopia is Africa’s second populous nation with an estimated population of over 107 million. It has four international airports and 21 land border crossing points.

The infected Marine is being treated at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, the Defense Department said. Fort Belvoir is about 21 miles south of Washington, D.C., in Virginia.

He is the third service member diagnosed with COVID-19. A sailor in Italy and a soldier in South Korea, and that solider’s spouse, have been confirmed to have the illness.

Also, a U.S. Army soldier deployed to Kuwait was put under observation to determine if he has contracted the virus.

On Sunday, the Army announced further restrictions on service members’ travel to and from Italy and South Korea — two countries that are hot zones for COVID-19. The Pentagon previously announced reductions in training exercises with some foreign troops, keeping ships out to sea to self-self-quarantine and limiting leaves from certain overseas bases.

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    1. Fasil ,
      So you planning your departure based on the information you get on here ?
      you got to be crazy…..
      Unless you really have to do not go
      I suggest is bad enough here I don’t think you have enough data to make a decision.
      And it really depends where and why you going there for…..
      i think 🤔 you cruising for Bruisin
      Good luck

    2. Whether the marine contracted the virus in Ethiopia or not should not be the only issue here. Either he contracted it from people in Ethiopia, or he has now contracted it to some people in Ethiopia. Therefore, people in Ethiopia whom he has met should also be observed.

    3. Mr. T. Squeltieri
      It is very important to inform the public with correct information. This is not a debate but the marine was in Ethiopia, the virus will show with in two weeks the marine showed the sign of infection 4 weeks after he left. Last time he left the country was from Italy, ? Right? Please follow up the whole story. We love and support Italy… God Bless all.

    4. Are you mixing Italy with Ethiopia. Other media are reporting the marine come from Italy.
      Please inform us if your source is correct.
      I am planning to go to addis next month and I really want to know if this is the case.

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