Biden crosses delegate mark to notch Democratic nomination, joins Trump and others...

Biden crosses delegate mark to notch Democratic nomination, joins Trump and others en route to November ballot

Jo Jorgensen, the 2020 Libertarian Party presidential nominee (Jorgensen campaign)

WASHINGTON — Former Vice President Joe Biden unofficially collected enough delegates to garner a first-round nomination for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, reaching a pinnacle that eluded him twice before.

According to the Associated Press delegate tracker, primary victories Tuesday, along with mail ballots associated with those and other preliminary contests, gave Biden 1,995 delegates as of Friday. The party requires 1,991 to win the nomination.

Barring some unforeseen occurrence, Biden will formally be nominated in August.

President Trump secured enough delegates in mid-March to be renominated by the Republican Party as its presidential candidate. The GOP convention is also expected in August.

Joining the nominees of the two major parties will be candidates from other political parties.

Jo Jorgensen of South Carolina was nominated by the Libertarian Party on the weekend of May 22-23. She is the first female nominated for president by the party and most likely with be the only woman on the ballot in enough states to theoretically win the election. She was the party’s 1996 party vice presidential nominee.

Don Blankenship of West Virginia was nominated by the Constitution Party the weekend of May 1-2. He is the former chairman and CEO of the Massey Energy Company and a failed candidate for the U.S. Senate in West Virginia. However, the Constitution Party in New Mexico broke with the national body and nominated Sheila Tittle as its presidential candidate.

The Peace & Freedom Party and the Liberty Union Party, independent of each other, selected Gloria La Riva as their presidential nominee. This is her tenth consecutive candidacy as either a presidential or vice-presidential candidate for various parties.

The Unity Party chose Bill Hammons, its founder, as its nominee; the Alliance Party selected Rocky De La Fuente of California, a perennial candidate; Socialist Workers picked Alyson Kennedy of Texas; Prohibition Party chose Phil Collins of Nevada, and the Socialist Party USA chose Howie Hawkins of New York.

The Reform Party plans to hold an electronic national convention next Saturday, June 13.

The Green Party plans to hold its nomination selection in July; it had planned to meet in Detroit from July 9-12. Three have met the qualifications for the nomination: Hawkins, Dario Hunter, and David Rolde.


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