Talk Media News is the only custom-media content provider that will  provide competitively priced news packaged daily.  We are one of a select few custom-media content providers with bureaus at the White House, Congress, Pentagon, and United Nations and will soon add a desk at the Supreme Court.

TMN is a subscription-based service providing exclusive breaking news content to media companies, websites and bloggers around the world.

Our journalists reflect the changing nature of the industry: from veterans of national daily newspapers and network news contributors to emerging leaders in the digital landscape. Their wide-range of issue expertise enables our subscribers to select from a variety of daily news topics and deliver content in any format, from video or audio broadcasts to written news stories, which they can download on-demand.

Talk Media News offers three subscription options.  Organizations can select from individual categories, five category access or complete access.  All subscriptions are annual.

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  • Ellen Ratner has built an invaluable News Talk Media service for countless radio stations. At a time when consumers demand precise expertise on domestic and global news with expert analysis, the team at Talk Media News is second to none. Having just hosted my show through the New Hampshire First in the Nation Presidential Primary, I can tell you the TMN team was exceptional to work with and being able to broadcast at Radio Row was a big draw for my audience. Ellen’s team organized and facilitated a media center for the candidates and surrogates to come to for one-stop media shopping to reach the greatest number of voters. In a day and age when people want their news and information boiled down by the top experts and get it mobile, TMN is growing as it is a valuable news source in a changing digital age.

    Jack Heath
    New Hampshire Today

  • Can’t say enough about the coverage we get from the talk media news team and how much your daily updates contribute to my show America Tonight. We also get great feedback from our 120 affiliates plus.

    Kate Delaney
    America Tonight

  • Ellen Ratner is, without a doubt, one of the most respected, compassionate and determined people in all the national press corps.

    As the founder of “Radio Row,” the most successful and important form of remote broadcasting from prominent national events, Ellen is credited for developing one of the most preeminent broadcast services. My radio stations have been participants in radio row for years.. On a daily basis, Talk Media News connects small, medium and large radio stations in over 400 markets with the news pulse of what America will be talking about.

    Phil Paleologos
    WBSM Morning Host
    Town Square Media

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