Red Cross to supply aid for 650,000 in Venezuela

Red Cross to supply aid for 650,000 in Venezuela

Courtesy: Cruz Roja Venezolana
Courtesy: Cruz Roja Venezolana

The EU and Latin American countries helped broker the aid plan and convinced President Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó to back it.

UNITED NATIONS – The International Red Cross said Friday that it will begin a massive aid operation to Venezuela in the coming weeks targeting as many as 650,000 people.

The aid operation was reportedly approved by President Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó, and the Red Cross will be allowed to select where aid should be sent free from political pressure.

Geoff Ramsey is the assistant director for Venezuela at the Washington Office on Latin America.

“There’s no way to spin this as anything other than a huge victory for Venezuela.”

Ramsey credits the International Contact Group – comprised of European and Latin American countries – for brokering talks between the Venezuelan opposition and government that led to Friday’s agreement, and he said the arrangement ends a dangerous phase of escalation led by figures in the Trump administration.

“For the last three months these people have been framing the humanitarian emergency as only fixable, only solvable through the use of force. And today proves that that’s simply not true.”

Earlier this year the International Committee of the Red Cross criticized unnamed countries for creating a “highly politicized environment” that proved “challenging for humanitarian organizations to operate in.”

“Our concerns are strictly humanitarian,” the group said, “and our main objective is and will remain meeting people’s most pressing needs, away from political agendas.”

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