Bodycam video of police shooting Keith Lamont Scott released

Bodycam video of police shooting Keith Lamont Scott released

Body camera video shows aftermath of shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.


WASHINGTON (Talk Media News) – The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police released a 16-minute body camera video Tuesday night in North Carolina that captures the moments after an officer fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott last month.

The graphic video, however, does not show the actual shooting nor does it ascertain if he was holding a gun, as police allege.

Scott’s family and their supporters are calling for the release of the entire bodycam video.

Scott, 43, who was black, was shot on Sept. 20 by officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department in the parking lot of his apartment complex in Charlotte.

The released bodycam video, which lasts 16 minutes and 29 seconds, begins after Scott was shot. Officers are shown tending to gunshot wounds in his ribs, abdomen and shoulder, as well as asking his name.

“Stay with us, bro, stay with us now,” one officer tells Scott, who is moaning.

One officer is heard telling a colleague to “stay right here with the gun.”

A two-hour dashcam video that police also released Tuesday night mostly shows officers walking around the scene after the shooting.

Scott had a traumatic brain injury, which he suffered last year in a motorcycle accident. Scott’s wife, Rakeyia, recorded a video from the scene of the shooting that is widely circulating on social media. In her video she tells police that her husband “doesn’t have a gun, he has a TBI.” She implores officers not to shoot before a burst of gunfire can be heard.

Neurologists say a TBI can cause slow reactions and difficulty following instructions.

Scott’s death sparked days of rioting in Charlotte and other cities. One protester was fatally shot in Charlotte.

Police had released bodycam and dashcam videos on Sept. 24 as well as photos from the scene of the shooting.



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