Follow-up: Bunny breeder says United Airlines cremated rabbit without consent

Follow-up: Bunny breeder says United Airlines cremated rabbit without consent

Annette Edwards, with one of her oversized rabbits, said she couldn't reach United Airlines to get her dead bunny back to find out the cause of death.

WASHINGTON – Remember that giant rabbit that was found dead at Chicago O’Hare International Airport last month after arriving on a United Airlines from London?

Well, in yet another PR nightmare for United, the carrier has been accused of cremating Simon the rabbit without the consent of the breeder or the new owner after the animal died in a freezer at O’Hare.

Simon’s breeder, Annette Edwards, told the British tabloid The Sun that “the whole thing stinks of a cover-up.”

The black rabbit was nearly three feet long and was expected to grow into the world’s largest bunny. But Simon died en route to its new home in the U.S. on April 19.

Simon apparently arrived safe and sound in Chicago for a connecting flight. But shortly thereafter, the rabbit was found dead. The ground crew at O’Hare had accidentally put Simon in a freezer, Edwards was told.

She demanded a necropsy to determine the cause of death. She said she asked United “over and over again” for the body but the airline never got back to her.

She later found out the rabbit had been cremated on Friday without her knowledge.

A spokesman for United told the media: “We were saddened by the loss of Simon and have worked with Annette Edwards to reach a satisfactory resolution.”

Edwards released an updated statement, saying: “I confirm that United Airlines has been in regular contact with me regarding the sad death of Simon the rabbit and that the matter has been resolved to my satisfaction. I would like to thank everyone for their condolences. This matter has now been resolved to my satisfaction and I will not be commenting further.”

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