National emergency ‘still on the table,’ Sanders says

National emergency ‘still on the table,’ Sanders says

( 5/7/18)

WASHINGTON— White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is still considering declaring a national emergency as a way to sidestep Congress on the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We’re still looking at that,” Sanders told reporters outside the West Wing. “That’s certainly still on the table.”

Trump delivered a primetime address Tuesday evening casting a barrier as a necessary national security step, but stopped short of raising the prospect of a national emergency.

The president initially floated the controversial move during a Rose Garden press conference last Friday, claiming that it was within his authority, but has maintained that he would prefer for Congress to approve funds for the wall.

Sanders said Wednesday that working with Congress remains the “best solution.”

Trump has pushed for $5.7 billion to construct the wall, while Congressional Democrats have countered with $1.3 billion for border security.

The impasse has lead to a partial government shutdown, with the president threatening to veto any stopgap measures to fund the government that do not meet his demands.

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