Kudlow ‘not at all’ concerned by long-term effects of partial shutdown

Kudlow ‘not at all’ concerned by long-term effects of partial shutdown

White House economist Larry Kudlow appears in the briefing room.(WhiteHouse.gov file photo)

WASHINGTON — White House economist Larry Kudlow is “not at all” concerned by the long-term effect on the ongoing partial government shutdown, predicting Tuesday that the economy will recover immediately after the government reopens.

“We are predominantly not a government run economy,” Kudlow told reporters during an impromptu briefing. “We’re a free market economy. So when the government reopens … you will see an immediate snapback.”

Acknowledging federal workers impacted by the shutdown  800,000 of whom won’t be paid until funding is restored  Kudlow took a similarly optimistic tone.

“I don’t like hardships. Once the government reopens, these resources will come back — I mean literally, the day of,” Kudlow said. “We’ve seen this before. There will be snapback. Immediately. That’s my sense.”

The partial shutdown entered its 32nd day on Tuesday. The Senate is expected to vote on two pieces of legislation this week that would reopen the 25 percent currently shuttered, but neither bill is expected to pass.

Kudlow declined to predict how long he believed the partial shutdown would continue, stressing that it was up to the president.

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