Trump gained weight since last physical, now considered obese

Trump gained weight since last physical, now considered obese

Trump addresses reporters in the Rose Garden. 1/4/19 (TMN photo)

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump gained four pounds in the past year, bringing him into the territory that the medical community considers obese.

According to a memo released Thursday afternoon from the president’s physician, Sean Conley, Trump went from 239 pounds in 2018 to 243 pounds now.

At 6’3” tall, his body mass index (BMI) registers at 3.0, the low-end of what the National Institute of Health categorizes as obese.

In January 2018, the president’s personal physician, Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, said Trump intended to focus more heavily on diet and exercise.

“I’m getting a nutrition specialist to come up here and meet with the chefs that we have here,” Jackson said during a briefing. “And they’re going to go over the preparation of the President’s food just to make sure that we’re cutting the calories and the fats and the carbohydrates as much as we possibly can and still making good meals for him.”

“With regards to the exercise, that’s something that myself and, potentially, Mrs. Trump will work with him upstairs,” Jackson added. “You know, there’s a gym upstairs, and we’ll get that set up to his specifications. And we’ll see how that goes.”

Trump underwent a four-hour physical Friday at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

The results show that his LDL, or bad cholesterol, level has gone down from 142 to 122. Levels of 100 to 129 are acceptable for people with no major health issues; a reading of 130 to 159 is considered borderline high.

His daily dosage of rosuvastatin, which is used to treat high cholesterol, is being increased to 40 mg., Conley said.

Otherwise, Conley reported no major changes to the president’s health.

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