Sanders won’t say if Trump thinks Democrats hate Jews

Sanders won’t say if Trump thinks Democrats hate Jews

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders briefs the press on 12/18/18 (

WASHINGTON — White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders declined to say Monday whether or not President Donald Trump believes that Democrats hate Jews.

“The president has … laid out clearly his position on this matter,” Sanders said during a press briefing Monday.

During a closed-door fundraiser over the weekend, Trump reportedly told supporters that Democrats “hate Jewish people.”

Last week the House faced drama over a resolution to condemn hate, one that was prompted by comments Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) made earlier this month that seemed to question the loyalty of Americans who support Israel.

An agreement was reached not to name Omar and amend the resolution to include denunciations of racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, and other forms discrimination.

Twenty-three Republicans voted against the resolution. They argued it was watered-down due to the inclusion of new language and because Omar was not mentioned.

On Friday, Trump said the language in the resolution was “disgraceful.”

“The Democrats have become an anti-Israel party,” Trump told reporters from the White House’s South Lawn. “They’ve become an anti-Jewish party, and that’s too bad.”

Sanders dodged multiple questions aimed at determining whether or not the president genuinely does believe the opposition party is anti-Semitic.

Declining to give a yes or no answer, the press secretary said Democrats should take a page from Republicans, pointing to the party supporting a January resolution that directly targeted Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa.) for appearing to defend white supremacism.

“They’re unwilling to call this what it is and call it out by name and take actual action against members,” Sanders said.

When presented with Trump’s 2017 insistence that there were “very fine people” among white supremacists holding a protest in Charlottesville, Va., Sanders said the comparison was not fair.

“The president has been incredibly clear and consistently and repeatedly condemned hatred, bigotry, racism in all of its forms whether it’s America or anywhere else.”

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