Trump denies calling Tim Cook ‘Tim Apple’

Trump denies calling Tim Cook ‘Tim Apple’

Trump speaks with Apple CEO Tim Cook at a White House roundtable on 3/6/19 (

WASHINGTON— President Donald Trump is denying that he mistakenly called Apple CEO Tim Cook by the wrong name during an event at the White House last Wednesday, days after a clip of the president appearing to call the CEO “Tim Apple” went viral.

The video shows Trump saying “Tim” and “Apple” in rapid succession.

The apparent mix-up was met with laughter online, with Cook himself joining in by changing his Twitter name.


Irked by the response, Trump reportedly told Republican donors over the weekend that the incident was mischaracterized.

The White House transcript depicts the remark as “Tim — Apple.”

Bolstering the president’s case, Trump was also heard referring to Cook correctly during the event.

“I’d maybe like to start with Tim Cook who has done such an incredible job at Apple,” Trump said. “He’s become a friend of mine. And he’s a friend because he does a great job.”

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