Trump visits Florida today after touting jobs at massive Michigan rally

Trump visits Florida today after touting jobs at massive Michigan rally

General Motors Co. (GM) CEO MARY BARRA meets with Democratic lawmakers from Michigan at Capitol Hill after GM’s announcement that they would lay off 15,000 workers and close 5 auto plants, December 6, 2018, (Photo ©2018 Doug Christian)
General Motors CEO Mary Barra met with Democratic lawmakers from Michigan on Capitol Hill on Dec. 6, 2018, after GM’s announcement that the company would lay off 15,000 workers and close five auto plants. (Photo ©2018 Doug Christian/TMN)

From the White House, this is Doug Christian reporting.

The White House – President Donald Trump visits the Herbert Hoover Dike around Lake Okeechobee today after he held a massive rally Thursday night in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Overflow crowds, estimated to top 15,000 people, stood outside the packed arena watching the president on a jumbotron.

Trump said of automobile manufacturing jobs in Michigan:

(Audio: Trump those jobs are coming back 24:59)
This comes after GM CEO Mary Barra announced layoffs of over 14,000 people in five plants in the United States and Canada last year.

President tweeted in November:

Very disappointed with General Motors and their CEO, Mary Barra, for closing plants in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland. Nothing being closed in Mexico & China. The U.S. saved General Motors, and this is the THANKS we get!

Just two weeks ago, the President tweeted: on Mar 17, 2019 05:27:27 PM

“Just spoke to Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors about the Lordstown Ohio plant. I am not happy that it is closed when everything else in our Country is BOOMING. I asked her to sell it or do something quickly. She blamed the UAW Union — I don’t care, I just want it open!”

Yet, throughout the speech, Trump touted growth in auto jobs:

(Audio Trump: 54:40)

And rising wages, although the Bureau of Labor Statistics says otherwise:

(58:29 wages rising)

And more on jobs:

(115 added jobs)


Only after an hour into the speech did he acknowledge some discrepancy in the narrative:

(Audio: 122 – fighting with GM)

Trump then circled back to his success:

127:50 “Done more than anyone else”

129 Now I’ve done it.

Doug Christian, The White House


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