The World in 2:00 – January 6, 2015

The World in 2:00 – January 6, 2015

By Luke Vargas   

The Islamic State continues its offensive against key oil infrastructure in Libya and could fatwas prevent poaching in Malaysia?

From U.N. headquarters in New York, this is your “World in 2:00.” I’m your host Luke Vargas for Talk Media News.


The Islamic State attacked the Libyan port of Sidra this week. The assault began Monday, when they were initially repelled, but they’ve continued the fight and now damaged several oil storage facilities.

Sidra is a crucial oil port, as it connects with a number of production sites around the country.

The outcome of the Sidra attack and is also consequential given the current state of Libya. After the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, the country split into two. There’s an internationally-recognized government based in the eastern city of Tobruk, and in the capital of Tripoli, a rival parliament known as Libya Dawn.

Sidra is positioned right at the dividing line, where the lines of control of those two factions meet.

Last month, the U.N. brokered an agreement between the rival governments, which agreed to form a unity coalition and prepare new elections. Unfortunately, there’s been little progress since then.

U.N. envoy Martin Kobler said Wednesday that the attack “serves as a strong reminder to all Libyans of the need to immediately implement the Libyan Political Agreement and form the Government of National Accord.”

In short, if there’s an occasion to come together, it’s to fight the Islamic State and stave off the destruction of Libya’s valuable oil infrastructure.

We’ll keep you posted.


And in Malaysia, Muslim religious leaders are using an interesting new tactic to try and cut down on poaching in the wildlife-rich nation: they’ve issued a fatwa against those who engage in such activity, calling poaching sinful.

A fatwa is a religious opinion, a position arrived at after consulting Quranic teaching. In this case, the fatwa doesn’t have any legal significance, but in a region where poaching remains a huge problem and traditional law enforcement tactics have fallen short, maybe ramping up the religious peer pressure is worth a shot.


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