The World in 2:00 – January 12, 2016

The World in 2:00 – January 12, 2016

By Luke Vargas   

Turkey pledges work permits for Syrian refugees and Pope Francis urges European flexibility and compassion in face of mass migration.

From U.N. headquarters in New York, this is your “World in 2:00.” I’m your host Luke Vargas for Talk Media News.


Turkey will soon allow many of the 2.2 million Syrian refugees in the country to receive work permits.

Last year the E.U. provided more than $3 billion to Turkey, pushing the country to secure its borders and improve the lives of refugees. This week’s policy shift follows E.U. criticism that Turkey had been dragging its feet and not stopping migration to Europe.

Under the new plan, Turkish businesses can hire Syrian refugees so long as they comprise no more than 10% of staff.


Turning to Europe, an American demographer is highlighting an element of mass migration to the continent that’s often overlooked: gender ratios.

Writing in Politico, Valerie Hudson notes that 66.26% of asylum seekers registered in Greece and Italy are male.

Hudson cites research that “male-dominated societies are less stable, because they are more susceptible to higher levels of violence, insurgence and mistreatment of women.”

While gender ratios could even out with time as older men are joined by wives or family, the situation is different for unaccompanied by minors who are given asylum priority, but whose family or future spouses don’t receive special treatment.

Each successive cohort of 16 and 17 year olds, Hudson says, will be similarly imbalanced, leading to a range of consequences, from higher anti-government sentiment to more violence against women.


Attempting to be a voice of guidance for Europe, Pope Francis gave a lengthy speech on refugees this week, cautioning that “the present wave of migration seems to be undermining the foundations of that ‘humanistic spirit’ which Europe has always loved and defended.”

And while he acknowledged a refugee influx could reshape the face of Europe, Francis said he was confident that the continent could protect both its own citizens and those seeking safety.


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