Denmark passes legislation to seize migrants’ assets

Denmark passes legislation to seize migrants’ assets

The Christiansborg Palace, the location of the Folketing chamber. (Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

(Talk Media News) – The Danish Parliament passed legislation Tuesday that will permit authorities to seize cash and valuables from asylum seekers to help cover their expenses when they enter the state.

The law was passed in Parliament parliament 81 to 27, with one abstention and 70 absent.

Under the law, refugees can keep possessions up to a value of about 10,000 kroner (about $1,453). Items of sentimental value, like wedding rings, are exempted, but electronics and other goods may be confiscated.

Denmark, a nation of 5.6 million with large state provided social benefits, took in 15,000 refugees last year and is on track to take in 20,000 in 2016, the BBC reported.

The law also extends the waiting period for migrants applying for relatives to join them, from one year to three.

Denmark is not alone in the venture — Switzerland, which took the largest per capita asylum seeking population in 2015, has started taking valuables over 1,000 Swiss francs ($985) to try to offset the growing costs of individuals entering the nation.

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