The World in 2:00 – February 18, 2016

The World in 2:00 – February 18, 2016

By Luke Vargas   

The U.N. prepares to airdrop aid into Syria, Islamic State outreach on Twitter slows and Apple is the world's "most admired company"

From United Nations headquarters in New York, this is your “World in 2:00.” I’m your host Luke Vargas for Talk Media News.


The World Food Programme will soon airdrop food aid into the Syrian city of Deir al-Zor, marking a change in strategy for an agency that’s relied on truck deliveries throughout the five-year war.

Deir al-Zor has been under Islamic State control, but the Syrian and Russian militaries are making progress toward recapturing it.

The city also received Russian airdrops in recent weeks, fueling criticism that Assad and Russia are selectively choosing where the U.N. can operate – using the world body as an extension of their military strategy.

Aid is notably not heading to Aleppo, the city bitterly contested by the Syrian government and rebel groups.


The Islamic State is seeing “diminishing returns” in its social media strategy, according to a new report from George Washington University’s Program on Extremism.

During a six month period last year, only about a thousand English language Twitter accounts were actively run by Islamic State supporters on the network. And that number remained largely the same despite efforts to expand the group’s reach.

The survey also said the remaining IS accounts were “extremely insular, meaning users mostly follow and interact with each other.”


And Apple is the world’s most admired company, according to a Forbes survey of “executives, directors and analysts” who ranked their industries against nine different criteria.

Apple nabbed the top spot in each category, from quality of products to social responsibility and quality of management.

But before we put too much stock into the rankings, consider that Chipotle Mexican Grill earned its first Top 50 finish this year, placing 44th amid a food safety crisis that’s forced store closures and seen the company ridiculed in the press.

But hey, revenue’s up, so what’s not to admire?

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