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    Jon-Christopher Bua

    Jon-Christopher Bua

    Jon-Christopher Bua a White House Correspondent, Commentator and Political Analyst for Talk Media News.

    He offers his Global and U.S. political analysis on Euronews, BBC World Service, BBC TV, WTOP, C-SPAN, Al Jazeera English, 'NewsOne Now' with Roland Martin, LBC 97.3 Radio London, Channel 5 UK, ABC Australia, STV Scotland Tonight and in Le Figaro!

    His opinion pieces and blogs are available @TalkMediaNews @HuffPostUK

    For six years Jon-Christopher was an Adjunct Professor at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service BMW Center for German and European Studies teaching the graduate course “Politics & The Media: An American-European Perspective.”

    Jon-Christopher is now teaching the course "Politics & The Media: An American-Global Perspective" at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

    He has also lectures at The American University on Politics & The U.S. Presidents.

    Jon-Christopher is a global Speaker-Media trainer and moderates, organizes and participates in numerous political roundtables and symposia worldwide including:

    University of Maryland, "Capturing the Truth: Investigating the Role of Media in War & Peace" The Baha'i Center for World Peace;

    Georgetown University U.S. Midterm Elections Roundtable "Where Do We Go From Here?" Participants in this live C-SPAN event Sent from my iPad

    Jon-Christopher has previously offered his U.S. political analysis on FRANCE 24 - covering many topics including the French Presidential Election of President Sarkozy live in Paris, as well as on numerous other TV and Talk Radio shows including Ron Insana, Lars Larson, Jim Bohannon, Neal Boortz, Oliver North, G. Gordon Liddy and Joe Scarborough.

    During the Bill Clinton Administration, Jon-Christopher was Communications Director at two Federal Agencies - The Small Business Administration and The Office of Personnel Management and Managing Director for Intergovernmental and Public Affairs at The Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

    He also ran several Communications and Outreach operations at the Democratic National Committee. Additionally, he created and ran several media and outreach programs for both the Clinton-Gore '92 and '96 presidential campaigns.

    Jon-Christopher has also travelled throughout Eastern Europe, in a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, advising and training political parties and candidates on establishing a democratic election process.

    Jon-Christopher was the White House Commentator, U.S. Political Analyst and U.S. Executive Guest Producer for SKY NEWS for several years.

    At SKY NEWS his various live on-camera contributions included 'Word News' and 'Sky News International.'

    Jon-Christopher was responsible for arranging and producing over 800 major SKY NEWS U.S. guest interviews including:

    The “Exclusive President Barack Obama-Adam Boulton Interview from Cape Coast Castle in Ghana" - July 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on International Women's Day 2011.

    Twitter @JCBua